Sick Showtime Series Turns Last Supper Into Homoerotic Makeout Scene

August 04, 2021

Dear Friends,

“Sick Showtime Series Turns Last Supper Into Homoerotic Makeout Scene”

Unfortunately, the above internet headline is true. Recently, on Showtime’s Black Monday program, an episode depicts Our Lord committing impure and unnatural acts of kissing with His Apostles and Saint Mary Magdalene.

  • Elise Ehrhard of says it is “a make-out scene between Jesus, his apostle Peter and Mary Magdalene, using scriptural references for the dialogue.”
  • “The sort of blasphemy in this scene is par for the course for Black Monday. Previous episodes of the show have had Tiff [a character in the show] throw a drink at a crucifix and yell, “**** you God! [expletive deleted] and portrayed Christians as degenerate hypocrites.” [original emphasis]”

Please help us send a firm message of indignant rejection to Showtime’s Chairman and CEO, Mr. David Nevins.

The whole blasphemous scene centers around the theme of homosexuality, eroticism, and Our Lord instigating it all.

Associating impurity and unnatural vice with Our Lord is an abomination that demands our protest.

God bless you! And may Our Lady reward you!