Sony Pictures Promotes Movie that portrays the Virgin Mary as a Demon!

May 17, 2021

Dear friends of Mary Most Holy,

I’m sure it will break your heart, as it has mine … this gargantuan, international movie company, Sony Pictures, using their platform to promote the idea that praying to Holy Mary and devotion to Her is actually praying to a demon and risking demonic possession.

This is NOT to be taken lightly!
Sony Pictures is a big deal, with a mega-phone projecting its message across the globe.

…so, since a picture is worth a thousand words, here below are links to the promotional posters for this blasphemous film “THE UNHOLY”, but I WARN YOU, though they are not offensive to holy purity, these Sony movie ‘promotional’ posters and their messaging, in my opinion, BLASPHEME Our Lady and are hurtful, insulting, and mocking.

If you want to more fully appreciate our Holy Faith’s opponents,

And Sony’s promotional movie trailer is just as bad if not worse.

After viewing those, it’s hard to imagine that Sony could be more explicit in the idea they spent millions of dollars to convey on screen.

Tell Sony Pictures:

“NEVER AGAIN blaspheme Holy Mary and devotion to her!”