America Needs Prayer Campaign

Welcome to America Needs Fatima’s America Needs Prayer Campaign

In 2007, America Needs Fatima started the October Rosary Rally Campaign asking people pray a rosary for America in a public place at noon on the Saturday in October closest to October 13th, when Our Lady performed the miracle of the sun. We send out banners for this October rally that read:

Praying the Rosary for America:
As Human Efforts Fail to Solve America’s Key Problems,
We Turn To God Through His Holy Mother
Asking His Urgent Help.

We are asking God to continue to bless us and to give America many graces. Since 2007 we have grown from 2100 rallies across the country to over 20,000, ranging in size from one or two participants to thirty or more.

The annual October Rosary Rally campaign has been very successful, and we have now decided to take it a step further with the America Needs Prayer Campaign, holding rallies on a monthly basis.

Each month has a special theme to pray for our country and to bring awareness to certain issues into our local communities. We ask that people take their banner, if they have one, and other signs to a public place and pray the rosary for the intentions for that month.

QUESTIONS? Call our Rosary Rally Hotline at 866-584-6012 or email