America Needs Fatima Mail Box

True Devotion to Mary Book

“You wouldn’t believe the timing of my receiving this book. Suffice it to say, I consider it as a gift directly from Our Lady to me. Thank you! And may God bless you.” — D. D., Maple Shade, New Jersey

“I’m a disabled Vietnam vet who is going to take time every day to read your book!” — J. W., Spokane Valley, Washington

“Thank you for sending me True Devotion to Mary by St. Louis de Montfort, it is truly a spectacular book with such an important message. I consecrated myself to the Blessed Mother a few years ago and it has led me on such a beautiful path. I am currently a seminarian with the Archdiocese of Baltimore studying at Saint Mary’s Seminary and University. At 47 years old, I have completely changed my life around and praying that I am currently following the path of the Lord. This has only been possible with the help and grace of Our Lady... Peace of Christ through the Blessed Mother…” — J. L., Baltimore, Maryland

“I had recently been reading another book to prepare to make my consecration to Mary. That text, however, has not engaged me fully. Perhaps Mary’s intercession has brought True Devotion to Mary into my hands! I hope to be able to read it faithfully and meditatively, and be able to truly consecrate myself to our Immaculate Mother!” — B. H., Lowell, Massachusetts

“I’ve read this book years ago, made the Consecration to Mary, and passed the book onto friends. I am DELIGHTED to see and re-read True Devotion to Mary again!” — Dr. K. S., High Point, NC

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America Needs Fatima Apostolate

“Your daily quotes from America Needs Fatima delivered via email are always uplifting and at times could be called an 'anti-depressant.' I forward your email quotes to some of my family and friends.” M.T., Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

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“I’m sorry we are late in mailing back the candle you sent to us. I know that you will be sending more candles to Fatima, and we will be grateful if you would include our candle with the others that you will be sending, even if it’s next year. Our intentions are for our grandchildren. We have 7 girls and 1 boy, ranging from 27 to 6 years old. They think that if they just “believe,” that is all that matters. They don’t go to Mass on Sundays; they don’t even have their children baptized! We keep praying for them. I feel good just talking to you about it; I feel like someone else is helping. Thank you for all you are doing there. We are glad to be part of Our Lady’s mission, that of America Needs Fatima.” — R. O., Ventura, California

“Thank you, I love the picture you sent me of Our Lady of Fatima. It’s even better than the statue I see at a church here. I pray God go before you in all that you do for the glory of His name, and for the salvation of souls, and for the cause of good on earth.” — L. I., Saint Louis, Missouri

The Youth Reach Out to ANF

“I want to thank you for the Fatima Anniversary Rosary and this new book True Devotion to Mary. I really liked this new book you sent me by St. Louis de Montfort! And I ended up giving my Fatima rosary to my sister because her name is Jacinta. I really like what you are doing there and I would like to help financially, but I actually just turned sixteen. But I have started saying two rosaries a day, and since I don’t have a job yet, I hope you will accept them as “payment” and that they will do some good on your behalf!” — G. J., Cornell, Wisconsin

“Thank you so much for this beautiful book. It is just what I need to grow ever more closer to Our Lady. I am so grateful for your inspiring ministry and I always look forward to all your gifts. I love and treasure them. All are lovely! “— G. D., Cherry Hill, New Jersey

“My brother wanted it so much so I gave it to him. You made him extremely happy!” — P. B., Seattle, Washington