2020 Rosary Rally Report

Oct 15, 2020 / Written by: America Needs Fatima

A Different Fatima Experience

Our envoy to Fatima, Felipe Barandiaran, noticed the difference right away. What was once in pre-Covid times a lively square packed with pilgrims from all over the world was now an open asphalt lot with circles drawn all over it, indicating where one must stand to maintain social distance. Police and guards could be seen everywhere vigilantly enforcing government regulations put in place to halt the spread of the disease.

The whole situation was very challenging, but Felipe continued in his mission. Despite the almost disconcerting ambience, as the representative of America Needs Fatima, he carried the name banner in the candlelight procession, which was reduced to one-tenth of its usual size.

Fatima Candlelight Procession - October 2020

The following day, he and his associates delivered over 20,000 beautiful long-stemmed red and white roses to Our Lady of Fatima in thanksgiving for her continued protection and guidance in these difficult times.

The red roses you see here represent our 20,613 dedicated rosary rally captains, while the white roses represent the many generous rosary rally sponsors who made the 2020 Rosary Rally Crusade possible. The names of all our white rose sponsors and rally captains were printed on our banners and their intentions were presented to Our Lady.

The placement of the roses added a reverent beauty to the square, ensuring that, despite the present difficulties, her children would do what they could to “rise up and call her blessed.” (Proverbs 31:28)

Roses in Fatima - October 2020
Roses in Fatima - October 2020

See below for photos of our team of florists responsible for preparing the largest rose offering to the Mother of God in this whole wide world.

20,613 Rally Captains march into battle across America

From sea to shining sea, on October 10, 2020, Our Lady of Fatima was honored in the public square. Rally captains and participants unfurled banners and drew their rosaries out of their pockets. And at precisely noon, local time, their voices rose as one to the Queen of Heaven in response to her requests at Fatima to “pray the rosary.” In so doing, a spiritual battle was fought and won on American soil.

In states where they were banned by the government from attending the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, Catholics bravely gathered in parks, outside of abortion clinics and in front of city halls to pray to Our Lady.

Though many had to wear masks and stand six feet apart from one another, these small sacrifices only served to increase the graces Our Lady would dispense on our wounded nation. May those graces penetrate the hearts of those hardened against the one true Faith and begin the process of conversion necessary for the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Pheonix AZ Rally
Portage MI Rally
Texas Rallies
CO and FL Rallies
Carson CA Rally
CO, CA and NM Rallies
Louisville KY Rally
Martinsurg WV Rally
Park Hills KY Rally
Pine Hill NJ Rally

Our New York City Rally

NYC Rally - Image 2
NYC Rally - Image 1
NYC Rally - Image 3 Collage

Rose Preparation in Fatima

A big THANK YOU to all the ladies in Fatima who worked tirelessly preparing the thousands and thousands of red and white roses for Our Lady on behalf of all our sponsors and rosary rally captains.

Rose preparation - October 2020
Rose preparation - October 2020

A Special Thank You

We would like to thank our wonderful White Rose Sponsors for making the 2020 Rosary Rallies possible, all our Rally Captains for committing to hold Rallies in these difficult times and for all those who attended Rosary Rallies across the country, praying for our nation. May Our Blessed Mother and Her Divine Son bring many graces and blessings to all of your lives, our country and the world!